Tuesday, June 26, 2018

What is the best Airbrush Makeup brand in 2018? -My favorite products

Google "What is the best airbrush makeup?" and you will get at least three pages of computer-generated blogs, all made up of cut-and-paste reviews with only one goal: to refer you to the relevant Amazon.com page and cash in on your final choice. There are even a few computer generated YouTube videos with those hideous electronic voices if you feel like a laugh. If I don't really blame these hackers for trying to make a buck while at least providing some information, I do prefer a more human approach -meaning an actual person giving you an actual opinion. The fact is, the question itself is a little silly, and it is indicative of a niche market mentality that sees airbrushing as a sort of single brand affiliation business. So, whether you'll ever see this article or not, I am going to tell you the only reasonable answer to that ever recurring question: the best airbrush makeup is the one that works best for you.
As I share the latest update of our non monetized LINKS directory, I think it's high time we established one cold hard fact: the best airbrush makeup products may not be all from one brand.  Hardly anyone uses one brand of traditional makeup exclusively and most of us definitely enjoy picking what we consider the best and mixing it up. It is time to start applying this same criteria to our airbrush makeup experience, and to open up to the possibility that while claiming to be "the best" might be a necessary marketing strategy for a brand, we are not joining a cult when we buy a kit or take a class with any of them. We are simply learning a whole new way of doing what we love: makeup.
The good news is that quality standards in the airbrush makeup world are significantly high, and that if we factor in the necessary learning curve that each different product might require, it's going to be hard to be truly disappointed by any of them.
For me personally, after seven year of being passionately and exclusively devoted to working with this medium in all its aspects, I can say that it's almost never a case of not liking something, but rather of liking something more than something else. So, while it would be foolish of me to tell you that there is a brand of makeup that is "the absolute best", I can definitely reveal some of the things that I prefer in a medium where excellence is more often than not the common denominator. Oh, and please feel free to click or not any of these links: they will take you straight to the official product pages. Like I said before, no monetizing whatsoever is happening on this website. 

For glamour makeup: Temptu SilkSphere Foundation
Ever since it was reformulated in 2015, this silicone based product has never ceased to amaze me. The finish it provides is simply incredible, so much that I like to call it "model skin". I have tried an indefinite number of products that promised to "reduce the appearance of fine lines". This is the only one in my experience that actually does. Its intrinsic glow is so powerful that it provides a smoothing, uplifting effect even on the most textured and uneven skin. While it is being overlooked in Temptu's marketing right now in favor of their newer Perfect Canvas formula, you really need to give this one a try.
Temptu SilkSphere

Most common objection: Too shiny, too tacky.
Pro reply to objection: The glow will naturally diminish as the formula dries, and settle on a level depending on the skin type. The formula can easily be matted down with HD powder or setting powder, which will also reduce the slight adhesiveness that some might feel, also depending on their skin type.

For invisible/natural makeup: Dinair Glamour Foundation
This is the very first line that Dinair made available when it started the airbrush makeup revolution over thirty years ago. The formula has since been updated and improved, retaining its main advantages: great coverage with no texture whatsoever. If applied correctly, this foundation immediately disappears in the skin covering the bad and letting all the good shine through, providing such an imperceptible finish that even men can wear it without fear of it being detected.

Most common objection: Too dry, too matte.
Pro reply to objection: Moisturize the skin well with a light, non oily cream. If the finish appears too matte and you have dry skin, airbrush two drops of jojoba oil or of Moist & Dewy (Dinair's own post application moisturizer). If you have oily skin, natural oils will even out the finish within a little while.

For Water Proof Foundation: Nebula by Kryolan
This recent addition to the Kryolan line is the most water resistant foundation I have ever tried. Nebula is silicone based, but has the thin consistency and fast drying time of a water based formula. Its finish reflects the classic style you have come to expect from Kryolan, which some will prefer and some won't. However it is bomb (or at least water-bomb) proof, with no budging or smudging even after great quantities of water.

Most common objection: Too thin, sprays too fast.
Pro reply to objection: apply only with a selectable pressure machine. Amazingly, Kryolan does not provide a pressure regulator with their kits, making its own product very hard to use, especially in smaller areas such as eyes and cheeks. A pressure regulator valve can be easily attached to its kit, as we show at the end of this video

For Correctors: Temptu Perfect Canvas Color Correctors [Game Changer]
Please forgive my enthusiasm but this product is just insane, with its stunning ability to instantly neutralize any imperfection without creating build up and without showing through the foundation, which you can layer seamlessly on top. There are eight classic color correcting shades in total, available in .25 fl.oz (7.5ml) or 1 fl oz. (29 ml) bottles, and in Airpod format. Like I was saying, and as I show in my video tutorial, you will not see the color you are applying, you will simply see the pigmentation disappear, and the light consistency of the fast drying formula will not create build up on fine lines, nor settle in them as time goes by.
Most common objection: You should not airbrush around the eyes.
Pro reply to objection: If you don't know how, you certainly shouldn't. If you educate yourself you will see how not only it is doable, but also preferable.

For Contour and Blush: Kett Hydro Contour and Blush Shades
With four options covering any skin shade, Kett's water based contour set is one of the most effective, natural looking shadowing product, with a buildable intensity that can go from barely perceptible to the most structured editorial designs. The blush pack in Kett's Hydro line is also a true classic, and the soft, skin like texture of the praised formula makes them particularly comfortable to wear and natural looking.

Most common objection: The Kett colors are not durable and transfer easily
Pro reply to objection: Keep your application light and if need be sett with HD powder, you will have no problem.

With their subtle, now you see it / now you don't, gorgeous glow, Temptu's highlighters are in my personal opinion simply the best available, and they beat any other product whether traditional or airbrushable. The hues are delicate and beautiful, and the effect on video and photography is stunning.

Most common objection: None. Everyone I showed them too or tried them on agrees with me.
Pro Solution: Buy them.

For Eye Shadows: Dinair Colair Matte and Opalescent Colors [Game Changer]
These incredible, water based colors are as durable and easy to apply as they are beautiful to look at. They work wonderfully even on the most textured eyelids, which will require little or no preparation. They are totally crease proof, rub proof and water proof despite being water based. The pigmentation is extraordinary, and they can be mixed to obtain new colors easily. This product is a vastly underrated game changer. Let's just say this: if popular influencers knew about this, and learned to apply them, eye makeup and palette peddling would never be the same.

Most common objection: Airbrushing eyeshadow is difficult/should not be done.
Pro reply to objection: Once you know how to blend, doing a multi toned, graphic eyeshadow will take one fifth of the time you would need with traditional, the effect will be more durable, and the product will not stain your eyelids.

For Illuminators: Airbase Illuminators
Airbase Illuminators
An illuminator is like a highlighter and can be used as such, bur it can be layered to have a little more presence and can be used as an eyeshadow as well. This year British brand Airbase launched a set of four beautiful new shades, and one in particular, Exotic Bronze, is among the most beautiful and versatile colors I have ever used.

For Tattoo Cover: Colair Tattoo Cover (Formerly Colair Extreme) [Game Changer]
This is another incredible product to come out of Dinair in the last few years, and one of the most underrated. It is a water based formula offering incredible coverage and total water and rub resistance. This product is so pigmented that you do not need to color correct underneath when covering a tattoo, thus saving an incredible amount of time. It is also healthy enough that it can be used to cover severe hyper-pigmentation anywhere on the body before applying your preferred foundation. It can also be mixed with any other Dinair foundation line to improve their coverage and resistance. In special effects it can be used on prosthetics for a super fast coverage that will not degrade foam latex. I call this product a more cosmetic, healthier version of PAX, and to this day I do not understand why such few YouTube videos exist about it, and why isn't everyone both in the beauty and SFX world screaming in joy about it. 

Most common objection: Finding the right shade is hard.
Pro reply to objection: I concur, but you will get better and better the more you use the range. If you are buying this for yourself be sure to get a lighter and darker shade as well as your own,  so that you can adjust if necessary.

European Body Art
For Body Painting: Vibe and Endura by European Body Art
Recently reformulated, Vibe is an ultra pigmented, water based product that is -don't ask me how- very water resistant. If you need something that is atomic bomb proof you can also try Endura, EBA's alcohol based line that has some stunning metallic colors. I would advise you not to use Endura colors on the face though unless absolutely necessary, as removal can be problematic and take a very long time.

For Body Art: Graftobian FX Aire, Neon Shades
These super vibrant colors by Graftobian are insanely pigmented and will glow under Black Light. The formula is alcohol based but can be used quite safely on the eye area as well (just make sure the eyes are closed when applying). It is very durable yet easy to remove, and the generous 2 fl. oz. size will last you a long time. The consistency of the product is very fine, so low air pressure should be used.

What are your own favorite airbrush products? Please let me know in the comments, and please share this post with whomever may enjoy it.

Keep spraying the world beautiful,

Daniel Pacini,