Welcome to the basics of Airbrush Makeup! This is where you find direct links to our in-depth articles on some of the more technical aspects of airbrushing makeup. Simply click on the titles below to be taken to the relevant post. This page will be constantly expanded with new content, which will be added at the bottom of the list,  so check back often! 


What is Airbrush Makeup? Airbrush Makeup 101 (with video)

Airbrush Primer: How To and a product review

Single Action or Double Action Airbrush? Difference explained, myth busted.

How to Save Money on Airbrush Makeup: Tips and Tricks

Silicone Based makeup VS Water Based makeup: Which is better?

The State of Airbrush Makeup 2016: The Big Rant

Lies and Misconceptions: Exposing the 7 Myths about Airbrush Makeup 

How to clean, assemble and disassemble your airbrush: Video and Pro Tips

*For brand specific reviews and how to's, please check our Kit Reviews page or our Links Directory, or click on the relevant tag in the right column of this page.

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