Welcome to our free stencil page!


You can download the photos included in these pages and use them to make your own stencils. A stencil burning tutorial will be included here soon. We make our own stencil in Mylar with a stencil burner, but most of these can be also achieved with an exacto knife.
Please note: you may download these photos for your personal use only. No commercial sale of these stencils is allowed. Please double click on each picture to view it in larger size. 

Airbrush Makeup Beauty Stencil
WonderGlam Beauty Stencil
Our first stencil template is our very own, custom made WonderGlam Stencil: one small tool that will allow you to create an entire beauty makeup. You can see us use this in our latest tutorial. Please note: we advise you to make this in a flexible plastic material of greater thickness than Mylar.

Airbrush Makeup Sugar Skull Stencils

Halloween Sugar Skull Stencil Template.
From this photo you can make all the stencils we used in our Sugar Skull video tutorial!

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