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The goal of this blog is to foster the art of airbrushing in the field of makeup through reviews,  video tutorials and reports on the brands currently available and the artists using them. We strive to provide useful information and inspiration for all people interested in this medium, from personal users to consummate professionals. 

Daniel Pacini: Editor, Video Tutorial Makeup Artist
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Stuart Lindsay: Logistic, Video Production
Niki Russell: New York Liaison


We have not received any compensation for the reviews presented here.  We are of course glad to receive product samples for review and consideration, this does not however influence the tone of our articles.  Please be aware that this blog contains my personal opinions only. I do not represent the brands and companies I describe in this blog. Nothing I write here should be taken at face value and implemented especially in relation to possible medical issues: always consult your doctor if in doubt when trying any of the products or techniques described on yourself.
Also, regardless of my opinions, you should always consult the manufacturer's manuals on equipment, products, and warranty policies before implementing any advice contained here.
The information I share in these pages is offered in good faith. Any action you undertake because of it is solely at your own risk, and I decline any responsibilities.
Daniel Pacini, Editor

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  1. Can you use bout water based and silicone based at the same time? Like Water based foundation with silicone based blush.

    1. Hi Make Me Radiant, sorry it took us a while to see this question, I hope you see our reply. You can definitely layer waterbased products on top of a silicone based foundation. Some airbrush brands do their foundations with Silicone and their eye shadows with water based formulas. Just don't try and mix the two different bases in the airbrush cup, because that may not be ideal. Happy airbrushing!

  2. I am probably unusual in that I use airbrushes for art and craft and have now started to look into using it for make up - I did beauty therapy courses before all this started. I have a youtube channel and blog that are slowly building up. The problem I have found is finding the makeup in Spain at all, let alone at reasonable cost. Whereas I would happily review some, I don't like to buy product that I have not been able to even touch a sample of! For my own use I have had to take to diluting a liquid foundation just to try it, hardly ideal.

    1. Hi Sandra, thanks for your question! Spain actually has several very good airbrush brands. For example the brand Ten Image by Cazcarra, which we are about to review. We will also have a video tutorial about it, so I hope that will help you decide. You can check our Useful Link page for the links to these brands in Spain. Happy airbrushing! :)

  3. Do you have any videos on covering up under eye bags for mature skin?

  4. hi is there in your opinion any major difference between the air base silicon products and the Kryolan Nubula silicon base products?
    Airbase claim that their 7 colours cover all skin colors ,with mixing, but Krolan seem to have gone down the expensive multi pallette option am I correct with that?