Airbrushing is a fundamental skill for any aspiring SFX artist. This page is where you find a collection of all the entries that focus on the resources, the material and the techniques for the creation of special effects. While our main focus is obviously beauty, we will keep adding to this list as we delve deeper into this endlessly fascinating subject. 



Airbrushing and Special Effects: learning online with the Stan Winston School
This is a guide to the most amazing online resource for SFX, the Stan Winston School, with a focus on the contents that feature airbrushing as their subject. We have spent numerous hours watching these great tutorials from the absolute masters of the craft, and we are proud that Matt Winston himself called this report one of the best ever written on the school.

An interview with RJ Haddy
Robert "RJ" Haddy was a finalist of Face Off season 2 and returned to the show's veterans team in season 5. RJ has his own product distribution website, www.radfxco.com, and has also achieved what to us airbrush makeup fans is the ultimate accomplishment: he has designed a signature airbrush called "The Shadow" with Leading American airbrush brand Paasche. 

How to airbrush a Zombie Makeup (with video tutorial)
An amazing Zombie look achieved with a foam latex prosthetic and a 100% airbrushed application for a fast, beautiful result using spattering, mottling and veining techniques

Amazing products for your Prosthetics (with video tutorial)
This article introduces some revolutionary airbrush makeup products that will allow you to save considerable time when painting prosthetics, or whenever a totally blocking coverage is necessary.

Airbrushed Sugar Skull (with video tutorial)
If you are working hard at Halloween, airbrushing can save you ton of times and add to the fun with beautiful effects. Creating a Sugar Skull makeup look is easy and fast with airbrush makeup. This post reviews the various products we used, and the enclosed tutorial will show you how we did it. 

Prosthetic Vampire Look (with mini video tutorial)
We are rivisiting a classic Halloween look with an airbrush application over gelatin prosthetics 

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