Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Airbrush Makeup Kit Review: Aeroblend Pro Starter Kit -with Video Tutorial


Aeroblend Airbrush
100% Airbrush Makeup with Aeroblend

Aeroblend is an Indiana based makeup company started by makeup artist and entrepreneur Kiralee Hubbard. I reviewed the previous version of their pro kit a couple of years ago, and now I am happy to have another chance to play with their brand new kit

Aeroblend offers a water blend formula with twenty shades divided in 10 neutral and 10 olive colors. With 20 overall tones that you can mix to create any in between hue, the foundation range is quite extensive and will cater to any skin tone. The foundation formula is 100% cruelty free and vegan, and it is made up of mineral pigments and botanical ingredients such as avocado, white tea and lavender, promising a long lasting, comfortable finish. The foundation colors are complemented by six blush tones, a bronzer and a highlighter with the same core formulation. The Aeroblend formula has a luminous matte finish that results in an ultra natural overall effect. The pigment is buildable to obtain more coverage when needed. The color have very low viscosity which means that they run effortlessly through any equipment and that clogs are virtually impossible. On the flip side, first time or inexperienced users will need to press very lightly on the trigger and use low pressure settings to avoid overspray and wet spots, and should always take their time between passes for the product to properly set. There is also a minimal oxidation process which means that the true color of a shade will sometimes reveal itself  a few seconds after it's been applied. All the colors come in two formats: a mini size ( 6ml/.2 oz) for trial and travel, and a full size (30 ml/ 1 0z) conveniently priced at 25 dollars. The Kit options come with the trial size bottles, which is an excellent opportunity to experience the range at a very convenient price. 

Aeroblend Pro Kit
The new tools offering by Aeroblend is an elegant, sleek compressor with a tactile function that allows you to switch between three fixed pressure output levels with just a tap. The compressor is more than powerful enough to spray all of the products in the Aeroblend range, and then some. I would say without a doubt that you can use any water based formula in the market without fear of clogs or mechanical fatigue, while it may not be ideal for some thicker silicone based formulas. The airbrush is a continuous flow, all metal parts custom made applicator with a nozzle that once again is more than efficient for the Aeroblend formula. The new Aeroblend cleaner is more than enough to keep the airbrush in perfect shape and running well for a very long time without any need for deep cleaning. 

The tools on sale are the same for every kit composition, what makes the difference between the Personal and Pro kits is the number of colors included. The personal option comes with four shades of foundations and a color match guarantee, so you can choose with peace of mind. The pro version of the kit however comes with all the shades in the range and with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee, so for just a few dollars more it's definitely the most attractive option. 

In order to showcase as many of their colors as possible I did a full face look using exclusively Aeroblend for both foundation and eyes, taking some shades from the blush range. While these products weren't designed to be used as eyeshadows, they do perform rather well with their delicate, easy to blend pigmentation, and I can only hope that Kiralee and her team will want to expand the color range including some matte and shimmer shades for eyes and a couple more options for eyebrows. 

With very reasonable overall prices, free shipping for order over 35 dollars and many special offer through their mailing list, affordability is definitely an amazing advantage that this company offers, giving both personal and pro users the chance to try out a high quality product with just a small initial investment. I personally am a big fan of Aeroblend and wish this brand every success.