Monday, April 15, 2013

Airbrush Eyeshadow Makeup Tutorial: Kardashian Inspired Smokey Eyes & full HD makeup

New video tutorial with complete HD application!

We are very happy to bring you our second video tutorial. This is a complete look, from colour match to foundation and full eye makeup, vaguely inspired by Kim Kardashian because of the natural colours of our  model (our wonderful friend Chiara on her first "modeling shoot" ever!). The only steps missing from the video are gloss and mascara application, but then again those are not airbrushed so we thought we could leave them out. The makeup we are using for this video is once again our beloved DINAIR. We are not discussing technique this time, but we are leaving all technical aspects for our next two tutorials, which will focus exclusively on a general introduction to airbrush makeup and on application techniques specifically.
I personally hate long videos where the person doing the demonstration blabs on repeating "now you're gonna wanna do this" about seven million times. So we kept it short, clean and sweet. Like airbrush makeup itself, after all...

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Cosmoprof 2013 video: Introducing Technoair

A high quality water base airbrush line from Spain

We are finally up and running with our second and last video report from Cosmoprof 2013!
TECHNOAIR is an airbrushing line created by airbrush painter Lluís Díaz, who illustrated the products with passion and knowledge for our camera.
All the makeup products shown are water based, and they include a vast array of colours ranging from foundation to blushes, shimmering (actually sparkling!) eye shadows, and body painting colours. Technoair also offers a full tanning line, and finally a beautiful range of polymer based colours for nails that allow the artist a unique array of effects. Lluís is first and foremost an artist, and he designed the whole line with special attention to the compatibility of the colours and to the technical equipment: Technoair features a wide range or airbrushes and compressors for any situation, from personal use right down to big Salon.
The brand is based in Spain, offering fellow EU residents a chance to purchase anything from the website without fearing Customs duties and delays. The WEBSITE itself is just in its initial stages, and at this time the products are marketed for the professional sector only, but in time I am confident that the focus will shift more towards the general consumer. In the meantime Lluís is constantly travelling internationally to teach the discipline and spread the word about the products.
As for us, we are of course planning a video tutorial with Tecnoair products and a full review, but in the meantime you can enjoy this clip. The video is subtitled in Italian as Lluís is building strong ties in this Country, and of course the main language is Spanish, so apologies to all you English speakers, eventually we will do a voice over of the audio, but in the meantime you can enjoy a sneak peak into this very interesting company.