Monday, April 15, 2013

Airbrush Eyeshadow Makeup Tutorial: Kardashian Inspired Smokey Eyes & full HD makeup

New video tutorial with complete HD application!

We are very happy to bring you our second video tutorial. This is a complete look, from colour match to foundation and full eye makeup, vaguely inspired by Kim Kardashian because of the natural colours of our  model (our wonderful friend Chiara on her first "modeling shoot" ever!). The only steps missing from the video are gloss and mascara application, but then again those are not airbrushed so we thought we could leave them out. The makeup we are using for this video is once again our beloved DINAIR. We are not discussing technique this time, but we are leaving all technical aspects for our next two tutorials, which will focus exclusively on a general introduction to airbrush makeup and on application techniques specifically.
I personally hate long videos where the person doing the demonstration blabs on repeating "now you're gonna wanna do this" about seven million times. So we kept it short, clean and sweet. Like airbrush makeup itself, after all...


  1. very interesting
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  2. Fantastic make up!!!
    fb/gfc/yt:liliana leo

  3. io adoro questo make up! la vostra professionalità e precisione con cui l'avete realizzato!! :)
    fb: Eva Mele

  4. make up fantastico quasi futuristico!!!
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    mi manda margherita lilli

  5. this is beautiful makeup video was very helpful

  6. dal tutorial non sembra così difficile! ma suppongo che al contrario occorra tantissima professionalità ed esperienza