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This Michigan makeup company and academy offers a water based makeup line aimed at consumers, and a silicone based line created for professional use.

Dinair is the first commercial producer of airbrush makeup, and offers the widest selection of foundation lines catering for any possible skin type and condition, plus an unmatched variety of eyeshadow colours. Makeup is water based (Glamour and Colair lines) and alcohol based (Fantasy and Camouflage lines). Temporary and semi permanent hair colors, tanning line, stencils and accessories are also available.  
Product Guide Video Tutorial 1, Video Tutorial 2 , Kit Review, Video Tutorial 3, Video Tutorial 4, Video Tutorial 5, Video Tutorial 6, Video Tutorial 7, In Depth Company Review,

Camera Ready Cosmetics is a Texas based pro makeup store that carries only the best brands and ships worldwide. They also distribute their own brand of water based airbrush foundation, comprising 10 well balanced shades and an amazingly reasonable price. Single samples can be ordered for testing. Video Tutorial  Company Review

ELEMENTWO The American branch of a Taiwanese company offering a water based line and a silicone based selection with identical pigments.

This legendary makeup brand produces Glam Aire, the widest selection of water based foundation colours, with each of the 64 shades also available in creme form. Also available available in a further 62 colours is Aire F/X, an alcohol and water hybrid formula that includes 4 Neon colours. Kit Review, Video Tutorial

Widely praised water based makeup and alcohol based lines. Foundations, contour colors, blushes, shimmers, primary colors and FX line.  Product Review 1 , Video Tutorial

Kryolan is a legendary European professional brand that is widely distributed in the US. Kryolan has four different lines of airbrush makeup: Air Stream (water based), Micro Foundation On Air (silicone based), Aqua Proof (alchool based) and its newest addition Nebula, a silicone based line created specifically for beauty makeup. Kryolan's newly redesigned website makes it easy to navigate through the color choices, and each product page carries detailed info and an ingredient list. 
Kit Review & Video Tutorial 1, Video Tutorial 2, Product Review   

Mac Pro has a line of 27 airbrush colors called Pro Performance HD Airbrush Makeup. There are 10 foundation shades and 17 primary colors and adjuster shades. The formula is silicone based, and comes in 50 ml (1.7 fl oz) bottles.
Video Tutorial

Makeup Designory (MUD) produces HD air, a silicone based airbrush makeup line with 22 shades. The foundations shades match MUD's cream foundations and proprietary color system, offering great possibilities for use with any skin tone. Primary colors and adjusters offer further possibilities to achieve a completely airbrushed look.

Temptu pro is the originator of silicone based airbrush makeup products and an industry standard and leader. The brand features a very wide array of water based, silicone based and alcohol based products for every pro need, from beauty makeup to temporary tattoos, camouflage and special effects. Company Review, Product Review 1, Product Review 2, Product Review 3, Kit Review, Video Tutorial, Video Tutorial 2 , Video Tutorial 3, Video Tutorial 4


A brand new line by makeup artist Kiralee Hubbard. Kits come with a very generous amount of water based makeup.

This family owned company has been producing its water based airbrush makeup line since 2002. The line includes foundations, blushes, bronzers. A tanning line is also available.

An independent company, offering a reasonably priced system. Makeup is water based.

An established stylish brand offering very affordable kits. Hybrid water/silicone based makeup and praised tanning line. Kit Review, Video Tutorial

A brand new, family run cosmetic company. Makeup is water based, made in the US and FDA approved. Kit Review, Video Tutorial,

Not to be confused with Graftobian's Glam Aire line, this company offers an extensive line of affordably priced water based foundations (divided in matte and satin textures), blushes and a sizeable range of 23 different eyeshadow colors. Spray tanning products are also available.

One of the most widely advertised companies. Water based makeup and tanning. Video Tutorial.

Created by makeup artist Marc Harvey, the Exclusive Air line offers 14 water/alcohol hybrid based foundations and 8 shades for blush, shimmer and bronzer, plus a tanning line.

An independent company offering water based makeup and tanning.

The consumer oriented branch of Temptu Pro, Temptu has a proprietary system ("airpods") to dispense its silicone based colours. Video Tutorial, Video Tutorial 2

A family based business, Tickled Pink offers two types of foundation: a water based line and a further aloe based formula. They also produce many blush and eyeshadow colors, and two types of fixing spray.

This company offering a water based foundation line with a special emphasis on natural, gluten free, mineral based ingredients.

This consumer brand offers an affordable line of 10 foundations and 3 blushes.The makeup is water based, and it is actually made in Germany, so it is EU and FDA compliant.

-USA SFX / BODY PAINTING brands and suppliers

EUROPEAN BODY ART This US based company specializes in airbrushing for FX and tattos. Also offers a proprietary airbrushing tools. Makeup is mostly alcohol based and water based. Video Tutorial

MICHAEL DAVY Check out the Airbrush Products page of this Film and TV makeup company to find two specific airbrush makeup lines for painting prosthetics, two lines for beauty makeup with 50 different shades and one for temporary tattoos.

Founded by by Two Time Emmy Award Winning Makeup and Special Makeup Effects Artist, Suzanne Patterson, this makeup store has a great website providing very detailed information and pro advice on the products it sells. The store has a great selection of airbrush products for special effects, and boasts great customer service and great ethics.

SKIN ILLUSTRATOR This famous brand is distribuited by Premiere Products Inc. and  might well be the most widely used in the SFX world. The airbrush version of the colors match the very popular alcohol based palettes.


Airbase a dynamic UK based company offering a range of vitamine enriched, silicone based makeup, and a line of hybrid water and silicone based colors for body painting. The line was created for professionals but also offers consumer geared kit solutions.

Based in Sweden, this brand offers a wide range of water based foundations eyeshadows and blushes, plus accessories and equipment. Currently the website is only in Swedish, but they will be happy to reply to enquiries in English.

A German company offering a very efficient, no frills and cost effective line of airbrush colours for body painting (water based) and temporary tattoos (alcohol based). Also distributes airbrush equipment and very effective fixing spray. Product Review

KIOMI by Kerling
Kiomi is a professional makeup line created by the German beauty company Kerling International. Kiomi includes 40 shades for foundations and colors and a further 5 metallic shades. The makeup is a water/silicone hybrid and is very reasonably priced. The website is also in English and it also ships outside of Germany. 

This historic, world wide distributed European professional brand offers four different lines of airbrush makeup: Air Stream (water based), Micro Foundation On Air (silicone based), Aqua Proof (alchool based) and its newest addition Nebula, a silicone based line created specifically for beauty makeup. Kryolan's newly redesigned website makes it easy to navigate through the color choices, and each product page carries detailed info and an ingredient list.
Kit Review & Video Tutorial 1, Video Tutorial 2, Product Review  

UK based company with a very wide range of makeup and quality equipment, aimed at professionals and consumers also. Silicone based, water based, Alcohol based, polymer based makeup. Company Review, Video Tutorial

Makeup Designory (MUD) produces HD air, a silicone based airbrush makeup line with foundations that match MUD's cream foundations and proprietary color system and primary colors and adjusters.The colours are available with free shipping across Europe from MUD's european web shop.

A large Spanish company producing a professional line of silicone based makeup in 34 different shades including foundations, blushes, shimmers and colors. Website is also in English. 

A Spain based company offering water based makeup, body painting, tanning line, nail art and a vast array of proprietary equipment. Company Review

Ten Image is a cosmetic brand produced by the Spanish Cazcarra Image Group, an enterprise that started as a makeup school and is now one of the most relevant beauty brands in Spain. The brand includes an airbrush range of 11 water based foundation shades and 30 more water based matte and shimmer colors. Kit Review, Video Tutorial 1,

A Germany based luxury brand by makeup artist Feride Uslu. This company offers a range of water based airbrush makeup with proprietary equipment.

This Dutch makeup brand is distributed across many European countries. Its Pro line offers a range of airbrush cosmetics called Xtreme Air Cosmetics that comprises foundations, blushers and a body colours for different applications. You can contact the website in English to find your nearest distributor.


A Hong Kong based company offering a delightful heart shaped compressor. Makeup is water based.

A new company based in the Philippines offering a water based makeup line.

A Korean company offering a silicone based makeup line.Website in in English.

A Nigerian company with a water based line specifically created for darker skin tones.

Based in Taiwan, this professional makeup line has opened branches in the US (see above) and in Kuwait. It offers identical silicone and water based lines.

An Indonesian brand offering a very attractive kit with colors for foundation, blush and eyes.

This South African airbrush makeup company offers a range that comprises foundation, blush and eyeshadow colors. 

A company based in the Philippines, featuring both personal and pro kits with a silicone based makeup line and a water based line.

Based in Tokio, Japan, this company offers a water based product line with proprietary tools and complements. Kit Review & Video Tutorial

An airbrush makeup company by Taiwanese celebrity makeup artist Nien Tsz Lee, offering over 70 shades in a variety of bases. The line is available to the public through a distributor in the Philippines. Prices can be set in your currency for reference. 

The first Australian airbrush brand. The makeup is water based, and is offered in an extensive foundation line with additional blush and eyeshadow colors.





Based in Dallas, Texas, Camera Ready Cosmetics offers a fantastic selection of professional makeup including some of the top brands of airbrush makeup such as Graftobian, Kett and Temptu.
Even more interestingly, Camera Ready produces its own brand of water based airbrush makeup at very competitive prices, which some bloggers are already raving about. They have a low price match guarantee, a tiered Pro Discount program that includes an apprentice level. CRC also has a solid commitment to education, with the launching of the online seminar series Camera Ready Cosmetics Academy. To top it all, CRC ships worldwide at the lowest possible price, which is a huge thing for us in Europe and which makes it by default our favourite Web store in the US so far! Company Review

One of the biggest pro makeup stores in the US, Nigel Beauty Emporium stocks all the major airbrush makeup lines and a very vast selection of professional beauty and special FX brands. They offer an excellent Pro discount program (often beating the individual brands own programs) and they distribute the Monda Studio product line, excellent products at a very reasonable price.


An impressive selection of professional makeup is available on the website of this London, UK store. The store carries Dinair, Kett and Temptu Pro makeup plus a good selection of equipment. The friendly, knowledgeable staff is a joy to work with. They have an extensive Pro Discount program also open to makeup students, and the added commodity of ordering from the UK makes shopping at this store a very desirable option. Guru also lends its premises to professional seminars and to Dinair and Kett courses.

This British website carries the Temptu Airpod line and the Temptu Air applicator. The prices are excellent and the service very fast,with free shipping to Europe for orders over £100.

DINAIR IN EUROPE: in our direct experience, the best places to buy Dinair makeup in Europe are its German distributors and its Netherlands counterparts, who are up to date with the product lines and who deliver quickly and professionally.


An independent website entirely dedicated to airbrush makeup, with objective reviews and tons of useful links. The site is maintained by "airbrush angel" Michelle Harris, who will quickly answer any query you may have. Although some reviews need updating, this is an amazing source of unbiased information and the first and only website of its kind. 

This blog and website is a great source of information on the more technical aspects of airbrushing. With humour, fun but also incredible depth the author will provide you with pretty much any and all the information you will ever need on traditional airbrushing. (note:this blog does not focus on makeup in any way, but hey, that's what WE are here for!)

IHeartAirbrush is a blog by airbrush makeup enthusiast Krysteane Allen, who is doing an incredible job at creating beauty looks on herself using almost exclusively airbrush makeup and illustrating the process in detail in many excellent video tutorials on her YouTube Channel. This blog and the related Pinterest and Instagram account will inspire anyone to get the most out of their airbrush kit!

If you are looking for information about airbrushing in special effects, there is simply no better place  than the Stan Winston School of Character Arts. Founded by Matt Winston, son of the legendary Hollywood makeup artist Stan, the School is not a physical site but a complete online experience where for a reasonable fee you can learn FX directly from the best Hollywood masters in themed and very extensive live or on-demand video workshops. Many of these classes focus on painting and airbrushing. The teachers? Tim Gore, Craig Fraser, Steve Wang, Joel Harlow, Bill Corso and many more of the same amazing calibre. A free 3 day trial will allow you to test for yourself the quality of this amazing enterprise. Company Review

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