Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Temptu Airpod and True Color Lipstick review and video tutorial!

Our latest visit to the Temptu Showroom in Los Angeles allowed us to add more products from the Temptu Airpod line to our collection, and once we were there we just couldn't resist stocking up on the brand new True Color lipsticks, which we had been lucky enough to preview on our trip to New York the year before. 

Flawless & Natural with Temptu AIRpod
The AIRpod technology was originally conceived by Temptu to provide consumers with an easier way to obtain the much sought after airbrush finish without any of the drawbacks that come from having to use an actual airbrush, and that require a minimal learning curve. In many ways the technique is nothing short of genius: each shade of makeup comes in an individual "capsule" called AIRpod that already contains its own propietary airbrushing mechanism. Each Pod can be slotted on a sleek looking AIRPod airbrush tool, and easily taken off when you are done with that color, with no need for cleaning or disassembling any parts. The system is powered by a very compact yet very powerful compressor delivering up to 30 PSI of pressure. After an initial distribution deal with Sephora that contributed to make Temptu a household name in the States, the system was improved, reconceived and repackaged with a more professional slant. The AIRpod airbrush in this new system called 2.0 looks even sleeker, and the compressor is quieter and has a higher initial setting, producing an overall more powerful feel. With a simple hose adaptor it can be used to power any other type of airbrush, offering pros an excellent replacement for heavier, more cumbersome models, as we already discussed in depth in a past article.

The obvious advantage of the AIRpod system is of course immediacy: with no need for cleaning, measuring or mixing, nothing can quite beat the speed with which you can achieve a flawless application with the AirPod.
Temptu AIRpods and lipsticks
The AIRpod makeup is still silicone based, but slightly different from Temtpu's own S/B line. While it also has 12 foundation shades, these do not correspond to the S/B line exactly, and are more on the neutral side to allow for easier color matching, which is needed as you cannot mix shades before spraying them. To make up for this limitation you can layer two different shades on top of each other: the slower setting time of the Pod formulation will allow the makeup to somewhat mix on the surface, but this will require good practice and great care during the application. A slower setting also means that the finish of the makeup will remain slightly tacky for a longer time, and that in most cases it will need to be set with translucent HD powder. Once set, the coverage and durability of the makeup remain top notch, as will the resistance to transfer. Finally, another characteristic that separates the AIRpod line from the S/B range is the scent, which in the Pod case is a floral perfume that will linger for a while after application. This is by far my least favorite aspect of the AIRpod makeup, but once I got used to it I have definitely grown to appreciate this amazing technology. With the speed and practicality it offers, it's no wonder it has become a favorite backstage at many fashion shows, including the prestigious New York Fashion Week. You can apply a full professional looking makeup literally in minutes thanks to this tool, and it is almost unbeatable for nude, flawless looks on younger skin, as you can see from our own video tutorial, which was edited very minimally and where a beautiful look is achieved incredibly fast.

Temtpu Color True Lipstick Vivid Collection
The soft, "nude" look I created with the AIRpod was also the perfect canvas to showcase the amazing lipsticks from the Color True line recently launched by Temptu. There are eight beautiful shades ranging from the most delicate natural tones (Blushed Suede) to the boldest ones (Jet Rouge) and the most colorful (Violet Storm). The lipsticks were recently divided in two groups and offered at a discounted price: The Vivid Lip Collection including the shades Imperial Red, Pink Hype, Violet Storm and Coral Blaze, and the Marsala Lip Collection including Rose Velveteen, Blushed Suede, Plush Plum and Jet Rouge. I asked my collaborator Angela Rosa to play with these beautiful colors, and she produced the three looks you see in the video, one from each group of shades, and a bold retro glamour look that uses colors from both groups. To finish this last look we also used Temptu's Color True Lip Gloss, which can also be used to turn any color from the S/B range in a fantastic, durable glossy lip stain.  Just like myself, Angela was immediately won over by the amazing pliability and pigmentation of these lipsticks, which also offer excellent durability, and which have already become another reason to absolutely love Temptu.

Temptu Color True Lipsticks
PRO TIP: As easy and practical as using AIRpods is, don't forget to follow the easy instructions for their maintenance. The Pods can become stuck if you don't use them for a while, but a few gentle moves will quickly have them running again. I recently restored a Pod to full functionality simply by placing a drop of Temptu S/B cleaner on the tip, then pulling the needle's piston inside the pod back and forth a few times. Also don't forget to line the Pod with the AIRpod airbrush properly: the capsule must "click" in before you can use it, if it doesn't the trigger will slack and no makeup will come out.

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