Sunday, February 24, 2013

Airbrush eyeshadow tutorial is out today!

Easy Airbrush Purple Everyday Smokey Eyes

Ok guys and dolls, here's my very first video tutorial. Just like the title says, it is an easy everyday look done on my beautiful friend Erika. I wanted to keep it fast and fun, so some passages were edited out, but like I write at the end, this look can be achieved in around 12 minutes by an experienced airbrush user, and of course it is totally doable by yourself on yourself :) All makeup used is by Dinair, as you know I am a great fan of their colour range.
The only thing I don't talk about in the video is the simple principle of "less is more". To achieve the right blending for eyeshadow I hardly touch the lever at all, and the compressor is set at the lowest possible output. While spraying my focus is kept only on the amount of change in the skin tone, and the airbrush is always moving. I will cover technique extensively in future videos. For now, enjoy, and please don't forget to share, like and subscribe to my channel!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Airbrush Makeup Primer: How To and Review

As we are getting ready to publish our first video, I thought we might explore the first step in any beauty routine: skin preparation. While it is true that water based is the lightest makeup imaginable, and can in many cases be applied without  primer, I have found that some skin types react feeling -and looking- a little dry after application. While silicon based makeup is notoriously "softer" than water based, it also can feel tight if applied directly. The truth is that not only every body's skin is different, but the composition and moisture levels vary in time for each person according to a number of factors like age, health, weather and so on. Keeping all that in mind, here's a few "rules" for optimal, professional results:
1: Always moisturize with a non oily, light moisturizer, especially in the periocular area, where the finest lines always lurk even on very young skin.
2: Wait 10 minutes between moisturizer application and makeup. This will give the skin time to absorb any excess.
3: Use primer sparingly on dry patches, large pores or problem areas. Wait another 5 minutes before proceeding to makeup.
Product Review: Moist and Dewy by Dinair

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Wonderful Dinair has an airbrushable product called "Moist and Dewy". It is a clear oily substance (squalene oil)  that comes with every airbrush kit and it is truly great in its simplicity: you can use it before or after makeup, or even mix it with the makeup itself for a dewier finish. I personally don't like using it before because it may make the makeup somewhat unstable, but I think it is wonderful after application because not only it gives the makeup a totally natural, glowing look, but it can also be used on key spots to create the most natural highlights imaginable. "Moist and Dewy" must be used very sparingly, as a little does go a very long way: two drops is usually enough for most.
Dinair also has several "traditional" priming products, all of which I have tried and all of which I heartily recommend, the best being the Line Diffusing Emulsion. A little pricey, but truly great.You can find them all at this link:

Dinair Skincare Line


Sunday, February 17, 2013

Welcome to AirGlamGuru!

The Future of Makeup

This blog was created to share my enthusisasm and ever growing knowledge of airbrush makeup. I was introduced to airbrushing about two years ago, when I found myself booked for a TV show and unable to bring along my trusted makeup artist (yes, my main job is performing, but that's a whole 'nother story!) For the first time in my performing career I would have to face HD cameras and an audience of 8 million viewers without the hand that helped create my looks in the years previous. So my manager suggested looking into Aibrush, and two years, thousands of dollars, a course and hours of practicing here I am. As I was learning (and still am!) I realized how little organized information was available, and I had to piece a lot of knowledge together. This blog is the result of that research, and here I will share video tutorials, reviews and new information. I hope you will want to share and contribute to it, even if only by asking questions or sharing your own passion for airbrushing.  
One thing is certain, at least to me. Airbrush is to makeup what touchscreen was to mobile phones: there is no going back!

-Dan :)