Sunday, February 24, 2013

Airbrush eyeshadow tutorial is out today!

Easy Airbrush Purple Everyday Smokey Eyes

Ok guys and dolls, here's my very first video tutorial. Just like the title says, it is an easy everyday look done on my beautiful friend Erika. I wanted to keep it fast and fun, so some passages were edited out, but like I write at the end, this look can be achieved in around 12 minutes by an experienced airbrush user, and of course it is totally doable by yourself on yourself :) All makeup used is by Dinair, as you know I am a great fan of their colour range.
The only thing I don't talk about in the video is the simple principle of "less is more". To achieve the right blending for eyeshadow I hardly touch the lever at all, and the compressor is set at the lowest possible output. While spraying my focus is kept only on the amount of change in the skin tone, and the airbrush is always moving. I will cover technique extensively in future videos. For now, enjoy, and please don't forget to share, like and subscribe to my channel!


  1. Just wanted to say I love reading through your blog and look forward to all your posts! Airbrush for makeup

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  3. what a great tutorial, makeup came compliments very well

  4. adoro lo smokey eyes e credo che non sia di semplice realizzazione. io spesso ottengo un effetto panda! sarà perché non sono in grado di sfumare bene. ma con questa tecnica il risultato è davvero professional!