Sunday, February 17, 2013

Welcome to AirGlamGuru!

The Future of Makeup

This blog was created to share my enthusisasm and ever growing knowledge of airbrush makeup. I was introduced to airbrushing about two years ago, when I found myself booked for a TV show and unable to bring along my trusted makeup artist (yes, my main job is performing, but that's a whole 'nother story!) For the first time in my performing career I would have to face HD cameras and an audience of 8 million viewers without the hand that helped create my looks in the years previous. So my manager suggested looking into Aibrush, and two years, thousands of dollars, a course and hours of practicing here I am. As I was learning (and still am!) I realized how little organized information was available, and I had to piece a lot of knowledge together. This blog is the result of that research, and here I will share video tutorials, reviews and new information. I hope you will want to share and contribute to it, even if only by asking questions or sharing your own passion for airbrushing.  
One thing is certain, at least to me. Airbrush is to makeup what touchscreen was to mobile phones: there is no going back!

-Dan :)


  1. beautiful passion, and believe it continues so

  2. grazie a voi per averci fatto scoprire con così tanta passione ed impegno questo nuovo mondo