Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Airbrush Makeup Kit Review: "The One" by Dinair

Dinair The One Airbrush Makeup Tutorial
100% Airbrush Makeup Demo with Dinair One
Every once in a while the makeup world is shaken by an innovation that sets the course of the industry for the foreseeable future. This is true for the world of mainstream beauty brands and it applies just as well in the more specialized, somewhat elusive niche of airbrush makeup. Dinair's new system, aptly named "The One", is the next and in many ways the ultimate step in the move towards portability that has been the goal of this sector for the last few years.
"The One" system is an incredibly compact mini compressor that is slightly bigger than an egg, and only slightly heavier, yet it features an impressive and ultra quiet pressure output, a very durable battery, a fantastically ergonomic shape and most importantly, a spring clasp (standard "quick connect") that lets you swap airbrushes in seconds.

The pressure output is that sweet perfect setting that allows you to spray any of Dinair's formulas (all water based) without any problems, achieving perfect atomization even with shades that contain shimmers, which are usually the ones requiring more power in your standard table top unit.
The body of the compressor is made of a very attractive black high tech rubber polymer (like a deluxe cellphone case but thicker)  with a matte, satin finish that is almost velvety to the touch, and a polished Dinair logo on the side that reflects the light and looks almost like silver in photos. There is only one button on the unit to switch it on and off, and as I was saying the output is so quiet that you can use it in a hotel room (or pretty much anywhere else) without fear of disturbing anybody, even if they are sleeping on the other side of a thin bathroom door.
Charging time is about an hour, but you don't have to do any guess work about the time because the charger has a red light that will turn green when the battery is full. The duration of a single charge is quite impressive. When I unpacked my unit I went on using it every day for over a week for base and several tests before I had to recharge it for the very first time. The pressure output does not decrease in a noticeable way as the battery runs out, so you don't really have a warning sign that it will, but you really don't need it anyway as the unit works perfectly even while it's recharging, and the generously long cable that comes with it allows for full mobility.
Ergonomically speaking, how you use "The One" depends on you: if you have small hands, you can just hold the airbrush as you would any other and you quickly forget that the mini compressor is there. If your hands are slightly bigger, the mini compressor will come to nestle in your palm very comfortably.

As far as the airbrush is concerned, "The One" comes with Dinair's newer CX model, more reliable and easier to maintain than any of its predecessors. If you remember to use the enclosed cleaning caps, keeping the airbrush in tip top shape will be a breeze. Should you run into any flow issues however, you will be able to switch airbrushes in seconds and finish your makeup without a glitch.
"The One" comes packed in a plain white box with its kit bundle that includes foundation in your chosen shade range and a selection of shade appropriate colors for blush, highlight and eyeshadow. At the moment it is only available as part of a makeup kit, but I am confident that Dinair will make the compressor available on its own for established customers who already use the brand and will want to switch to this irresistible portable option.
"The One" represents an immense improvement over the firs limited edition hand held unit that was sold by Dinair a couple of years ago. This new proprietary design is the smallest, most efficient and versatile cable and hose free, palm top system out there. I absolutely love it and it has taken the prime spot on my desk for my Dinair products. In the enclosed video I used The One  to realize this complete makeup, using all Dinair colors also from the new Venus Collection and their just released Velvet foundation line. A more detailed review of these products will follow in my next post.

Pro Tips: 

-The quicker the compressor is turned off at the end of each makeup step, the longer the battery lasts and the less dry tip. Most makeup builds up sets on the needle tip when the airbrush is only blowing air, between applications and not applying makeup. The on/off button is positioned directly below where the ring finger tip typically rests when holding the ONE.

-Only use the Dinair One compressor with continuous airflow airbrushes. If the airflow is blocked (by an airbrush with the air valve closed such as a standard Double Action) it can quickly result in damage to the compressor, that is not covered by the warranty. 
Author's note: as with all of my reviews this far, this is an unsponsored and unpaid review. I wish to thank Dina Ousley, George Lampman and Dasia Sibrian at Dinair for kindly making this product available to me, and for their invaluable help and insight.


  1. It is an in-depth, meticulous and of course, long-awaited review! Thanks a bunch for the bonus pro tips, and I also urge to Dinair along with you, to make the One compressor available separately from the makeup kit.

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely feed back! Please keep following us for more reviews and useful info :)

  2. Hi!
    I was trying on the Aeroblend makeup line to use with the Dinair ONE and sadly, it seems the ONE's air speed is too strong for Aeroblend. The makeup squirts out and builds up liquid droplets on the skin, even airbrushed from an ideal distance. Could you suggest any technique to somehow control te airspeed of the ONE compressor?

    1. The Aeroblend formula has very similar viscosity to Dinair's, so you shouldn't have any problems. As the Dinair One only has one setting, the only way to control the spray is to barely touch the lever. However, and more importantly, you should keep in mind that the Dinair One is designed for Dinair products only, and use with other brands is definitely discouraged by the company. As strange as this may seem, it does apply in this case. I have used mine strictly as directed by Dinair and it's still running as the first day.

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