Saturday, March 21, 2015

Cosmoprof 2015 Review: Water Proof Sealing Spray for Body Painting Fixierspray by Eulenspiegel

Cosmoprof 2015 is in full swing at Bologna's Fiera District, and we are glad to be meeting again with our friends from German brand Eulenspiegel, who will grace the show with their very popular range of professional quality, fairly priced makeup and accessories for theatre, special effects and body painting.You too can find them right at Pavilion 16, stand G26.

Last year we reviewed Eulespiegel's great line of highly pigmented airbrushable water based colors for body painting. This time we had a chance to test and use another very interesting product that can be used to render those very colors water resistant, increasing their duration and their resistance under more strenuous performance situations. Its name is Fixierspray, and it is sold in three sizes (50, 150 and 500 ml), all coming in clear plastic bottles equipped with a spray pump for easy atomization. 
This product is of course alcohol based, and it is a completely clear liquid with a very faint, non irritant alcohol smell that will quickly disperse to leave no residual odor whatsoever. Fixierspray dries to a shiny finish which can be neutralized by using clear powder.

Eulenspiegel Fixierspray
Eulenspiegel's manager quickly demonstrated the power of this product right under our eyes, and we are repeating that demonstration in the photos that we are including in this review (please click on the photo to enlarge it): we airbrushed a shape with a water based color, then covered half of it with a thin sheet of plastic and sprayed the exposed part with Fixierspray, then we allowed it to dry thoroughly. We removed the protective plastic and doused water on the shape. Not just a little water, but almost a whole bottle. When the water dried, the half of the design that had been spritzed with Fixierspray was almost perfectly intact, revealing only a very faint smudging at the edges. The other half of the design had almost been entirely washed away. The product proved a definite success, and totally worth its reasonable price of under 10 euros for a 50 ml bottle. 

We look forward to reviewing more products from this friendly company. Eulenspiegel ships all over Europe from their website. You can also browse their show schedule and visit the next trade show they will attend, where you will be able to check with your own eyes their great variety of products. 

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