Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Review: Dinair Colair Extreme and Colair Electric -with Drag airbrush makeup transformation video tutorial

"Extreme Drag" with Colair Extreme
Colair Extreme is a revolutionary new product offering total blocking power, with maximum durability and resistance to friction. As our month dedicated to the wonderful brand Dinair comes to a close, I am very happy to bring you this fun new video tutorial dedicated to the newest products offered by this company, and inspired by the "extreme" look of drag performer Nina Flowers. Colair Extreme is the most recent addition to Dinair's lines, and includes 14 shades that can be mixed to find the best match not only with each other, but also with any other Dinair airbrushable product, opening a world of possibilities. The colors are identified by the letters XT followed by numbers matching the ones used for the Colair Radiance line, so it's easy to find your shade using the original Glamour line as a reference. For example the color Olive Beige in the Glamour range becomes C110 in the Radiance line, and XT110 in the Extreme range. With an incredible amount of pigment in its formula, Colair Extreme offers the strongest blocking power imaginable, and does not require color correction underneath. 

100% airbrush makeup with Dinair
I was lucky to be able to try Extreme during my last visit to Dinair, and I was amazed at the amount of pigment that this product contains, and by how smoothly it applies inspite of the richness of its formula. The product dries very fast with a very slightly tacky finish that will need to be powdered with clear HD powder, or with a light layer of Colair Radiance foundation. Extreme wears comfortably and has no scent whatsoever. What I wasn't prepared for was its durability: two days after their application the swatches on the back my hand were still perfect, totally unchanged by repeated hand washing and showers. Considering its strength, I simply could not believe that this was still a water based formula, containing no alcohol or silicone. 
Colair Electric is the new version of what used to be called the "Bright" range. There are seven super pigmented, ultra vibrant shades that lend themselves to a myriad of applications, from FX to body painting, and from drag to fantasy. These can also give a "pop" to any other shade in other Dinair ranges. For example, try adding just a drop of  Electric Pink to your normal blush, and watch it brighten up and become more radiant. 

Nina Flowers inspired Airbrush Makeup
Personal user tips: Colair Extreme will cover any skin defect, and because of its pigmentation the result will be very seamless, creating an absolutely even coverage that may easily look too perfect and artificial, if not properly applied. It was created to conceal tattoos and serious skin imperfections, while every other kind of blemish will best be served by Dinair's Camouflage Colair Radiance lines. You may also mix Extreme with these other lines in order to find the best solution for your need, but I would advise talking to Dinair's great Customer Service to find the best product combination for you.  

Pro Tips: Professional makeup artists will find Colair Extreme amazing, and will wonder how they ever did without it. Please be aware that you may have to experiment with mixing to find the perfectly matching shade to a given skin tone, and that the colour changes slightly as it dries. Makeup artists dealing in special effects will also find this product a revelation. In the enclosed video tutorial I used it to cover a bald cap, eyebrows that had been blocked with spirit gum, and I even used it to perfectly block out a beard shadow with no other concealers or beard blockers whatsoever. In short, this product will achieve what you would only have been able to do with PAX before, but it's much easier to use, less expensive and infinitely easier to clean with Dinair's newly reformulated airbrush cleaner. 

Application Tips: Because of its consistency, after extensive use Colair Extreme tends to collect at the very tip of your airbrush (in the needle cap), causing it to sputter. This is very easily fixed by pulling the lever all the way back and cleaning the needle cap with a Q Tip. Always remember to clean your airbrush immediately after using Extreme, and you will not need any further special cleaning. Using Dinair's simple cleaning system will ensure that your airbrush stays healthy and efficient for the next use.

It's all about the PIGMENT: unshaken bottles of Glamour, Radiance and Extreme side by side reveal the quantity of pigment contained in each formula. 


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  2. Degno dei grandi trucchi scenografici di Marilyn Manson!!!

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