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Airbrush makeup review: Creamy Air by Maq Pro, with step by step video tutorial


MaqPro Creamy Air
100% Airbrush Makeup using Ceramy Air by MaqPro

MaqPro is a French company that has been producing high-end professional makeup since the 1970's. The brand started as a collaboration with legendary French makeup artist Michel Durelle ad the perfume and beauty producers Nine and Pierre Brunner. Today the company continues as a family business led by the couple's children, and it manufactures its vast catalogue of products strictly in France. In the last few years MaqPro has become very well known among professional makeup artists all over the world thanks to the Fard Crème palettes, the cream, color theory based makeup available in a vast array of shades that allow, with some skill-full mixing, to accomplish a durable and natural looking makeup application on the whole face.

The Creamy Air product line was launched in 2020 as the liquid evolution of the Fard Crème product. Creamy Air can be applied via airbrush but also with traditional tools, and like the Fard Crème it is available in a vast range of shades that includes skin tones, bright colors and everything in between, allowing once again for a complete makeup application using only this product. The color list stretches to an amazing 106 shades, which puts this product among the first in the airbrush makeup market for the variety of tones, all available in 10 ml / 0.33 Fl Oz size, 

MaqPro Creamy Air

The Creamy Air formula has a variable composition depending on the colors, but we could generally call it the epitome of hybrid formulations, as it includes elements such as water, alcohol, glycerine ad various types of silicones. The resulting product'has a very low viscosity, which means that it can be airbrushed with any tool set up and it will run without problems in all the airbrushes commonly used for makeup. Like most silicone based products, Creamy Air does not clog the airbrush, where it can rest without drying up for many hours, allowing you to clean the stylus even the day after application, as I myself have experienced. However, as an airbrush educator I would still advise users to clean their tools as soon as possible after application to avoid all risks. Another trait in common with silicone based products is Creamy Air's softness and moveability, allowing for touch ups up to several minutes after application.

The Creamy Air Finish is luminous and very natural. Of course the application can be matted down with a light pass of HD powder if needed. The durability of the application is excellent, and so is its water and rub resistance, so much so that some distributors are selling skin tones sets recommending it especially for tattoo cover. Creamy Air feels very light on the skin, and just like the best airbrush makeup products it offers great coverage without looking obvious. You can see what I am talking about with your very own eyes in the video tutorial I am enclosing here, which I am proud to be able to call the very first to demonstrate a total look with this line, including eyeshadow and eyebrows. 

My opinion Creamy Air is extremely positive, and I thing this product places itself very well in the airbrush makeup market. As far a the availability of the line, however, the product is not supported by a very efficient marketing. The many colors are not organised in a clear chart that may help professionals in deciding what to buy, and the packaging itself, with the color number printed in small characters on the back label, makes its practical use and quick selection anything but easy. I am hopeful, however, that the distributors of MaqPro will be soon able to makeup for this shortcoming of the producers of the line, perhaps by offering pre selected kits of colors that may simplify the choice available to the professionals. 

Isododecane, Aqua, Alcohol Denat. - Trimethylsiloxysilicate, Glycerin Methyl Methacrylate Crosspolymer Polymethylsilsesquioxane, Dimethicone, Dimethicone,  Aluminum Hydroxide,  Phenoxyethanol,  Triethoxycaprylylsilane, Sodium Chloride, Caprylyl Glycol , Disteardimonium Hectorite ,  Propylene Carbonate

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Temptu SilkSphere Airbrush Makeup Review -With Full Face Step by Step Video Tutorial


Temptu SilkSphere
100% Temptu Airbrush Makeup with SilkSphere

Background -The SilkSphere foundation was created in 2009 to complement the launch of the first Temtpu kit for consumers. The product came exclusively in Airpod format, i.e. a pre-filled capsule that would attach to a proprietary airbrush and that could be used until empty without any need for maintenance, giving the customers all the advantages of airbrush makeup without any of the perceived drawbacks, such as tools maintenance and cleaning. The formula was had a very dewy finish and was engineered to be user friendly, so it would remain very malleable after application in order to allow the home user to easily fix any mistakes. It had a very distinctive floral scent, which was problematic for some, including myself, but was already remarkable for its unprecedented coverage and for the fact that it was an all-in-one product, not needing any primer, concealer or color corrector.  SilkSphere was reformulated in 2015 to coincide with the launch of  what is now the very popular battery operated, palm top device Temptu Air. The shade range was slightly revised and the floral scent significantly diminished, but it remained available only in Airpod format, which meant that you would not be able to use it with a traditional airbrush. 

New Release -This year after some wait, no doubt due in large part to the market difficulties created by the global pandemic, Temptu was finally able to update the formula once again and to release it at long last in bottle format, allowing everybody to experience it regardless of their preferred tools. 

Temptu Silksphere
Range and Formula -The new SilkSphere is available again in 18 proprietary shades that will match any skin tone, with a good color consistency when compared to the previous version. Many of the colors have a very neutral undertone to reduce the need to mix tones, as they were initially created for the Airpod cartridges which did not allow for direct mixing, and this makes using them very easy. Having said that, there are now hues with a decidedly warm or cool undertone as well, so you can achieve any amount of precision needed in your color matching. The finish of the formula is still dewy, however this should not scare anyone who is used to matte foundation, because ultimately the amount of glow will depend on each individual complexion, and because any perceived shine can be easily mattified with the lightest pass of any fine HD powder (such as Temptu's own Invisible Difference). The new SilkSphere feels finer than its previous versions, but still retains its high coverage and its all-in-one characteristic, needing no priming, no concealing and no color correcting in most cases. Probably for this very reason, the formula's texture is a little more obvious than that of thinner airbrush foundations, but it still feels lighter than traditional products and looks perfect on its first passes, achieving a finish that would require quite a lot more work and skill to match using a traditional product.

In the video tutorial below I am showing you a step by step total look achieved using SilkSphere in bottle form for foundation and the Perfect Canvas range in AirPod for everything else.

Silksphere vs other Temptu Formulas -Compared to the other Temptu foundations, Silksphere ranks second to Perfect Canvas for shade selection, first in dewiness and first in viscosity, being the "thickest" of the three, but the difference with SB in this respect is barely perceptible. Lastly, but no less importantly for some, the floral scent is now completely gone, making the product application pleasantly scent free. As for the format, the choice is now up to you. The Airpod capsules allow for perfect dispensation every time, and while decidedly more expensive, the pod system means that you will achieve an optimal result using far less product. The bottle format price is significantly lower, and allows you to use this product with any tool and to mix the shades freely. Temptu's 1/4 oz /7.5 ml starter kits, available for this line in pack of six colors each, mean that everybody can experience this formula with a very reasonable investment. 

My Opinion -As for my personal, unsponsored opinion, I have been a huge fan and advocate of this product for years, and I could not be happier and more grateful for this new reboot. I especially like to use this formula on problematic skin, where I have never needed to color correct or conceal thanks to SilkSphere's exceptional coverage. The extraordinary luminosity of this formula makes it a truly transformative makeup, and the only one that actually does conceal fine lines and rough texture. Because of this its silicone component, I would personally not recommend  the daily use of this product on very acneic, irritation-prone skin, but for special occasions there is no other product that will allow you to achieve the same wow factor in as little time and with as little effort, so much so that I like to call SilkSphere "model skin in a bottle".


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Mixing Airbrush Makeup brands: is it possible? Should you try?

Since airbrush makeup represents niche of the beauty industry, in the public's perception the product often becomes one with the application method. So if you have taken a course with a certain brand, you might be inclined to believe that the experience of airbrushing is strictly defined by what that brand offers and how they taught you to use their makeup. While I fully support each brand in their sacred effort to teach people how to get the most out of their product, I also believe that thinking that airbrushing begins and ends only with one name ends up limiting a makeup artist's view of the technique, and in some cases can lead them to abandoning it altogether. 

In short, airbrushing is a way to apply makeup. That said, makeup for airbrush differs greatly depending on what type and brand you are using, just like painting with brushes is a method, but the colors you can use differ greatly for formulation and finish, and the resulting artwork changes accordingly. 

What you need to know is this: you can create your makeup with whatever product you feel may respond better to your vision, your needs and your client's skin type and expectation. I will not be going into the specific characteristics and advantages of one type of makeup versus another, but you can find a lot of resources on the different types of bases (water based, silicone based and alcohol based makeup) in the many posts on this website, or by visiting our Airbrush 101 Page. You can even mix airbrushing with traditional makeup, and while this wouldn't be my choice, airbrush extremist that I am, I have to admit that it works just fine for others. Just as it happens with traditional makeup, the world won't implode if you layer a water based blush on a silicone based foundation, nor will lightening strike if you airbrush your base and then use a traditional highlighter on top. Of course there are some practical (chemical) facts to keep in mind if you want your get the most out of your creativity without compromising the makeup stability or your tools functionality, so please read on after viewing the video here below, which is my latest look airbrushed with two different brands.  

So here are a few useful tips if you are thinking of using different makeup brands in your airbrush. First of all, make sure that your tools are up to the job. Many brands sell airbrush kits that are exclusively designed to work with their own product, and will stop performing well if you try and us another, and you may also void the brand's warranty by doing so. The main divide is between silicone and water based makeup. The latter is usually thinner and needs less pressure to be sprayed correctly, so many brands that sell it offer smaller compressors that have a maximum output of 18-20 PSI, and airbrushes with a more specific build, airflow and nozzle. Silicone based makeup is usually thicker, so it requires a compressor that is able to go up to 25-30 PSI and an airbrush with a nozzle size of .35 up to .5 mm width. To airbrush both types of makeup, you therefore need a compressor that lets you regulate the pressure output between 2 and 30 PSI, and ideally an airbrush with a .35 nozzle. Before you ask, the "single action" vs "double action" argument is moot, as this does not make any practical difference on the end result. I personally much prefer continuous airflow airbrushes (often wrongly called "single action"), and most double action airbrushes such as those from the ubiquitous Sparmax brand (used by brands such as Temptu, GraFtobian, Kett, Airbase and many other) can be converted to continuous flow by a simple modification of the air valve that you can do at home (see this link for more info). As far as tools maintenance goes, most airbrush flow problems are created by conflicting formulas that form clogs in the airbrush body or nozzle if they haven't been cleaned appropriately when changing products. To avoid the problem altogether it would be ideal to own an airbrush for each makeup type you intend to use (one for water base, one for silicone, and one for alcohol). If you can't -or don't wish to- do that yet, you can use this very simple cleaning procedure: 

-Step 1: clean the visible residue of the formula you just used with its specific cleaner or with a multi purpose cleaner.

-Step 2:  before introducing the second formula, use a few drop of cleaner for the formula you are about to use to prime your airbrush.

So now that you are clear about the appropriate tools and cleaning procedures, how should you go about using different brands for a makeup look?
Well, here you have much more freedom than you think. You've been made to think that silicone and water don't mix, which chemically speaking of course is true, however silicone based products in most cases are actually water/silicone hybrids, the first ingredient on their INCI (i.e. ingredient list) being water. The only thing that might happen is that the end result might be less durable in the long run, but it should still be perfectly viable. I often like to do eyes with water based products and foundation, blush and contouring with silicone based. This doesn't present any issues as I am not layering one type of makeup directly on top of another. When you do want to do that, for example you want to use a water based blush and a silicone based foundation, I would put the water based product on first, and the silicone after, but that is not written in stone, and also depends on the brands you use. If you wish to do part of your makeup with traditional methods, I would of course use whatever product you airbrush after any other traditionally applied, in order to maintain the perfect airbrushed finish on top, and that, together with the old "less is more" adagio, is pretty much the only iron clad rule regarding makeup, at least in my opinion. Finally, some students at my classes always ask me if they can mix products of a different base in the airbrush cup. This is something I would avoid for the consideration expressed above, and the fact that you might create an unsprayable goop that will be quite hard to clean from your equipment. Having said that, if you feel the need to experiment that way you can of course try. Just don't forget to let me know how it went...

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Graftobian GlamAire & F/X Aire Airbrush Makeup Kit Review -With Video Tutorial

Graftobian Airbrush Makeup
Graftobian Walk Around Airbrush Kit

Graftobian's GlamAire is the most extensive line of foundations for airbrush in the world, with a staggering 58 separate shades divided in warm, cool and neutral tones. To complement the foundation line anoter 6 blush tones, 6 adjusters and 6 color corrector are available. If you wish to play with colors for more editorial or creative projects, or if you want to try doing a full beauty look using only your airbrush, there are another 68 colors from the F/X Aire line, offering you endless possibilities.

As far as equipment goes, Graftobian offers several solutions catering to every need, from the very portable kit for beauty makeup to to the very powerful options for body painting competitions. Almost seven years ago I reviewed Graftobian and the Walk Around Kit in detail on these pages. I am now very happy to have another chance to play with these beautiful products and create the look you see in the video and in the unretouched photos on this page, and to offer an updated review of the line from a more experienced perspective. 

The GlamAire and F/X Aire lines are so extensive that approaching a color choice can seem a bit daunting to the novice. An amazing aspect of the foundations is that every color also exists in cream form in Graftobian's celebrated HD Crème Palettes, so if you are familiar or have access to that product, choosing shades for your airbrush collection should be very easy. There are also three very convenient sampler packs, the GlamAire Beauty sets, which feature five shades from each group (Cool, Warm and Neutral), accompanied by a plastic palette with the corresponding five shades in cream form. These will make a great starter set for beginners, who will appreciate having the cream foundations to use on parts of the face that maybe a little more difficult to airbrush such as the under eye area. The GlamAire Formula is very fluid and the pigments extremely fine. This means that your airbrush is unlikely to ever clog or have any running issues while spraying these products. The makeup is water based and silicone and alcohol free, so it will feel very light on the skin, which should be prepped as normal with just a light moisturiser or ideally a silicone free primer to ensure maximum staying power. The formula is water resistant and won't budge from humidity or perspiration. Its matte finish is not too opaque, and the skin will balance everything out within a few minutes from application. For most shades, a few seconds will be necessary after spraying for the product to set and oxidize and reveal its true tone. Because of its lightness and fluidity, the product needs to be sprayed at a very low pressure and coverage will be achieved by layering several light passes, so it's important that you don't rush your application and that you step back between passes to observe what is happening, rather than expect an immediate result. The reward will be an ultra natural, HD proof finish that you can see on the 100% unfiltered photo right here in this paragraph. 

The F/X Aire line is where the fun really begins. This formula is an alcohol/water hybrid is available in a wonderful selection of shades, from primary colors to neon tones that will glow under UV lights, to a selection of skin tones for a more water proof and rub resistant finish and for body makeup. The percentage of alcohol is so delicate that the colors can be used safely around the eye area (of course providing that the eyes are kept closed during application), and they can be mixed without any problems with the foundation and blush tones of the GlamAire line to create eyeshadow looks that range from neutral tones to highly pigmented fashion statements. In the video demo included in this review I have even used straight Black to create a fast eyeliner, with no discomfort whatsoever experienced by my model who has sensitive skin. This line was of course created for body painting, special effects and body art, and incredible effects can be achieved by using the wide range of stencils (the famous Bad Ass stencil line) also produced by Graftobian. 

The Walk Around System is the kit that I have used for this application. Once again I reviewed these tools in my previous article a few years back, but I can say here that the kit stood the test of time very well, being a solid and powerful piece of equipment, which can handle not only Graftobian-s own product, but also all the other brands of airbrush makeup as well, allowing maximum creative freedom for the artist. The enclosed battery did eventually die after a few years and many charging cycles, but you can buy a replacement on Graftobian's website, or if that should be problematic (I live in Europe and batteries don't ship well overseas) keep in mind that the casing houses a standard battery pack that can be easily replaced by a dedicated store or electrically gifted friend. 

Originated in 1978, Graftobian is still a family run business and a wonderful company with a heart. I am lucky to have met the current owner, Eric Coffman, who collaborated with luminaries such as Brad Look, Suzanne Patterson and Mary Erickson (who I am privileged to count among my friends), to devise products and lines that have become staples in many an artist's kit at an international level. As unbiased as this review is, I do regard this company as an essential contributor to the world of beauty, and personally as a revered part of Americana.

Graftobian Airbrush
100% Graftobian Airbrush Makeup, unfiltered and unretouched

Graftobian GlamAire INCI (Ingredients):  
Water, Acrylates Copolymer, Propylene Glycol, TEA(Triethanolamine), Magnesium Aluminum Silicate, Silica, Phenoxyethanol, Ethyhexylglycerin, Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891), Iron, Oxide Black (CI 77499), Iron Oxide Red (CI 77491), Iron Oxide Yellow (CI 77492), Ultramarines (CI 77007), Red 6 Lake (CI 15850), Red 7 Lake (CI 15850), Chromium Oxide Green (CI 77288)

Graftobian F/X Aire INCI (Ingredients): 
SD Alcohol 40-B, Water, Acrylates Copolymer, Propylene Glycol, Silica, Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891), Iron Oxide Black (CI 77499), Iron Oxide Red (CI 77491), Iron Oxide Yellow (CI 77492), Ultramarines (CI 77007), Red 6 Lake (CI 15850), Red 7 Lake (CI 15850), Chromium Hydroxide Green (CI 77289), Mica, Red 28 (CI 45410), Orange 5 (CI 45370), Yellow 11 (CI 47000), Ext. Violet 2 (CI 60730)

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Airbrush Makeup Kit Review: Aeroblend Pro Starter Kit -with Video Tutorial


Aeroblend Airbrush
100% Airbrush Makeup with Aeroblend

Aeroblend is an Indiana based makeup company started by makeup artist and entrepreneur Kiralee Hubbard. I reviewed the previous version of their pro kit a couple of years ago, and now I am happy to have another chance to play with their brand new kit

Aeroblend offers a water blend formula with twenty shades divided in 10 neutral and 10 olive colors. With 20 overall tones that you can mix to create any in between hue, the foundation range is quite extensive and will cater to any skin tone. The foundation formula is 100% cruelty free and vegan, and it is made up of mineral pigments and botanical ingredients such as avocado, white tea and lavender, promising a long lasting, comfortable finish. The foundation colors are complemented by six blush tones, a bronzer and a highlighter with the same core formulation. The Aeroblend formula has a luminous matte finish that results in an ultra natural overall effect. The pigment is buildable to obtain more coverage when needed. The color have very low viscosity which means that they run effortlessly through any equipment and that clogs are virtually impossible. On the flip side, first time or inexperienced users will need to press very lightly on the trigger and use low pressure settings to avoid overspray and wet spots, and should always take their time between passes for the product to properly set. There is also a minimal oxidation process which means that the true color of a shade will sometimes reveal itself  a few seconds after it's been applied. All the colors come in two formats: a mini size ( 6ml/.2 oz) for trial and travel, and a full size (30 ml/ 1 0z) conveniently priced at 25 dollars. The Kit options come with the trial size bottles, which is an excellent opportunity to experience the range at a very convenient price. 

Aeroblend Pro Kit
The new tools offering by Aeroblend is an elegant, sleek compressor with a tactile function that allows you to switch between three fixed pressure output levels with just a tap. The compressor is more than powerful enough to spray all of the products in the Aeroblend range, and then some. I would say without a doubt that you can use any water based formula in the market without fear of clogs or mechanical fatigue, while it may not be ideal for some thicker silicone based formulas. The airbrush is a continuous flow, all metal parts custom made applicator with a nozzle that once again is more than efficient for the Aeroblend formula. The new Aeroblend cleaner is more than enough to keep the airbrush in perfect shape and running well for a very long time without any need for deep cleaning. 

The tools on sale are the same for every kit composition, what makes the difference between the Personal and Pro kits is the number of colors included. The personal option comes with four shades of foundations and a color match guarantee, so you can choose with peace of mind. The pro version of the kit however comes with all the shades in the range and with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee, so for just a few dollars more it's definitely the most attractive option. 

In order to showcase as many of their colors as possible I did a full face look using exclusively Aeroblend for both foundation and eyes, taking some shades from the blush range. While these products weren't designed to be used as eyeshadows, they do perform rather well with their delicate, easy to blend pigmentation, and I can only hope that Kiralee and her team will want to expand the color range including some matte and shimmer shades for eyes and a couple more options for eyebrows. 

With very reasonable overall prices, free shipping for order over 35 dollars and many special offer through their mailing list, affordability is definitely an amazing advantage that this company offers, giving both personal and pro users the chance to try out a high quality product with just a small initial investment. I personally am a big fan of Aeroblend and wish this brand every success.

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Airbrush Makeup Hall of Fame: Interview with MHB creator Marc Harvey

When I first became interested in airbrush makeup, back in 2011, Marc Harvey was one of the first artists I found in my research. Marc was then spokesperson and lead educator for Luminess, a consumer oriented airbrush makeup brand that relied heavily, as it still does now, on televised infomercials for its promotion in the USA. While I didn’t purchase the product, I found Marc’s enthusiasm contagious and his lively presentations highly informational and entertaining. After his long stint with Luminess, Marc left to create and devise the makeup line for Elementwo, a brand created by airbrush manufacturers Sparmax which is popular in many Eastern  countries and available in the US and Europe as well. After this experience, Marc decided to create his own product line called Marc Harvey Beauty Ultra HD Airbrush Makeup. This achievement alone is credit enough to inscribe his name in our Airbrush Makeup Hall of Fame, a space that celebrates the creators and the most influential artists in this medium.  I was very happy to review his product line, and I am honoured and delighted to ask him a few questions on our favourite subject.

-What inspired you to become a makeup artist, and when did you decide that makeup was going to be your career? 

I have been an artist all my life. I paint, sketch and do graphic design. I decided to make makeup a career when I was 23.

-You started in airbrush makeup when the public at large was just beginning to become aware of it. How did you first become involved in airbrushing?

From my background in painting, I was very familiar with airbrushing. I started using airbrush with my brides and model agency clients. I would have to do 30 looks in one day, so the airbrush came in very handy.

-What made you choose airbrush makeup as the focus of the bulk of your career?

It really chose me. Luminess Air was looking for a Global Artist that had worked with all skintones and had a background in marketing as well. The goal was to help everyday women see that they could airbrush themselves and look like the celebrities and models I was working on at the time. 

-You’ve been instrumental in the promotion and/or creation of three major airbrush makeup brands: Luminess, Elementwo and now your very own MHB Cosmetics. What is the most memorable thing you learned from each of these experiences?

All three of them helped me to realize to always do what you love. At my core, I am a creator. Each brand I worked with or created helped me to hone my ability to understand what clients want and need from a product. My brand is ever evolving and is still a work in progress.

-What makes the MHB Airbrush formula different from all the others?

Versatility. My product is the only product that you can actually use a concealer under or over. You can use any powder over. You can build without it looking cakey. I also believe it gives the most natural coverage. You can also sheer it out with your favorite water based toner or my rosewater for a more light, zero makeup look.

-The MHB airbrush range at the moment offers an extensive foundation line plus more colors for blush and highlighters. Do you see an expansion of the line in the future to include more colors, perhaps a dedicated eyeshadow selection?

I will be adding more highlight/shimmer pigments spring of 2021. AND I’m doing a line specifically for POC launching for Holiday time. I will also do a pigment line that can be used for whatever the artist wants to use them for.

-MHB also includes several innovative skin care products. Would you tell us more about those, and the philosophy behind them?

I wanted to create products that I loved using and that over the years I would use to prep my clients skin before makeup application. I used every organic skincare product I could get my hands on in Sephora. I would try them on myself, then use them on my clients. I learned ingredients really well over the 13 years of me doing makeup, so I knew that when and if I ever created a skincare line, I would know what ingredients worked great. 3 years ago I pulled the trigger and created MySkincAir Organics. I launched 2 years ago and it is currently in Hilton Hotels and BodyBrite Spas around the country. The name MySkincAir (pronounced My Skincare) is exactly the feeling and philosophy behind the brand. I wanted everyone to feel a connection to the brand as I really took the time to make sure I educate clients on each product and its ingredients when you go online looking for a product for your particular skin issue. It is fragrance free, sulfate free, vegan, phthalate free and cruelty free, organic, skin loving ingredients that give your real results. Also, the “AIR” in skincare has a dual meaning. AIR , because the core product is the Oxygen Cleanser. Oxygen=Air. And, A.I.R is an acronym for Anti Inflammatory Response technology. Every product in the line targets inflammation by having a proprietary blend of natural anti inflammatory ingredients in them. Inflammation is the root of all ailments and issues in our body, including the skin.

-As an airbrush makeup ambassador and educator you have extensive experience in promoting the technique to the world at large. What is the best aspect of airbrushing in your opinion?

It will always be the ability to cover skin imperfections flawlessly and effortlessly. When you have a color science like the Marc Harvey Beauty EXCLUSIVE AIR line has, you literally feel like you are not even wearing makeup. It leaves your skin feeling light and looking perfect.

-What do you think is the greatest misconception that keeps more makeup artists and consumers from trying out airbrushing?

It’s hard to do. This is just a hurdle that will unfortunately always be there. Also, that it is the only product you have to use if you use it. Many don’t realize that it can actually just be another product in your beauty arsenal for you to use alone or in tandem with other complexion products.

-Having achieved so much in your career, what is the professional goal you look forward to? On a personal level, what is your ultimate dream?

My dream is to keep on going in the direction I'm going in with my brands. I’m not that great on social media because of debilitating anxiety that has gotten worse over the years. BUT, I am a warrior. I have fought through it my whole life since I was a child. My goal is to create more of a beauty education platform, free of drama, fake personas and “look at me I’m so rich and fabulous” BS. Just being myself and answering questions like I do for my clients when they book me. I want to become everyone’s favorite beauty guru for makeup and skincare on social media.

I wish to thank Marc for this opportunity to get to know him and his product better, and I look forward to meeting him in person one day in the not too distant future. 
In the meantime you can find Marc and his product line on Facebook and Instagram.

Airbrush Makeup by Marc Harvey

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Is airbrush makeup ready for Ultra HD? Marc Harvey Beauty review and video tutorial.

Full Face Airbrush Makeup with MHB Cosmetics

Marc Harvey is a very well known face in the airbrush makeup world, having been the brand ambassador for the popular brand Luminess, heavily advertised on US television network. After that experience he created another brand called Elementwo that is popular on the Asian markets, and finally he moved on to create his own brand, Marc Harvey Beauty, which debuted just a few years ago and which offers a range of products for airbrushing, a series of skin care products and some traditional makeup complements for eyes and lips. 

This new airbrush line offers a foundation range with 20 colors catering to every skin tone and every ethnicity, plus 4 shimmer colors, six blush tones and two bronzers. 

The airbrush products are available individually on the website in .5 oz (14 ml) bottles, or as trial bundles of .25 oz (7 ml) bottles that are also offered in a Starter Airbrush kit combination with a compressor and airbrush package. This review will concentrate on the makeup, as I have not received the tools, however I can confidently say that given its light texture and high fluidity, the makeup can be successfully applied with any and all beauty airbrush systems out there, regardless of the brand. 

In line with Marc's passion for skin care, this water/alcohol hybrid airbrush formula is rich in botanical ingredients that include cucumber, green tea, rosehip oil extracts, neroli, jojoba and orange peel oils and witch hazel. These are preserved in a water base with a 14% presence of organic alcohol, which serves both as preservative for the other elements, as an astringent, and to ensure the makeup's durability once applied. 

The airbrush makeup line is called Exclusive Air Ultra HD. The name is interesting enough, because it implies that the product is natural looking and imperceptible enough to hold up to the Ultra HD camera. From a professional stand point, this means that the makeup should offer efficient coverage without creating any texture, which is the claim of most airbrush brands out there. So, does the product live up to its own name? In short, yes it does, and the results are excellent.  You can view how I applied to obtain the look in these photos and read my pro tips in the video tutorial included here, then read on for my own thoughts and opinions on this formula.

The formula is the thinnest, least viscous product I ever put through my airbrush. After only a pass it's hard to see any difference at all in the skin, but right here lies its beauty: you can build the application very slowly and subtly, zooming in on more problematic areas first and then using wider, more far away passes, and you hardly ever run the risk of creating unsightly concentration of product (hot spots). All you have to do is take a few seconds and a virtual step back from the process between passes in order to assess how your skin is changing. Once you have reached the desired coverage, you will be amazed by the total lack of texture on the skin. You will see the skin concealed and improved, without feeling or seeing the presence of virtually any product at all, and there will be zero highlighting of problematic areas, even of the fine skin around the eyes. While the airbrush product can be integrated with traditional concealer either under or over the airbrushed application, it is my experience that with careful layering you will not need any concealer at all, and as an added bonus you will not have to fear slippage in finer lines throughout the day. 

The finish of the product is a delicate matte outlook, which can easily support the use of hydrating finishing sprays on top. The durability is comparable to that of the best, more established airbrush formulas out there. The formula has no added perfume, and a faint scent derived from the natural ingredients will vanish right away after application. 

As far as the other complements I was able to try, the bronzer performed just as well as the foundation, and the shimmer colors were absolutely gorgeous, as you can see in the video. I look forward to shooting more content with this line, and I would like to invite you to check back on these pages soon for a very interesting interview with Marc as we induct him in our very own Airbrush Makeup Hall of Fame.