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new Dinair One Variable Speed System
The new Dinair One Variable Speed System

It's rather extraordinary how some of the most revolutionary innovations are introduced quietly, without any fanfare, and sneak into our daily routine where they slowly take such an important place that we can't imagine ever doing without them again. 

The new Dinair One, variable speed compressor is one such innovation for us Dinair loving makeup artists. I received my testing unit over a year ago and I kept quietly waiting for a big launch to share my thoughts. The big launch never came, and the new One model simply and quietly started being sold on the Dinair website, replacing the single speed unit that had been available up to that point without any special announcement. Therefore I'd like to take it upon myself to tell that this is the most fantastic innovation to hit the airbrush makeup market in the last few years

If you follow my page you might have seen my rave reviews for the first version of this applicator. I had been in touch with Dinair about the next version and I knew it was going to feature more than one pressure setting, so I was expecting something along the lines of the "three speed" mini units that are already present on the market, where the fixed selectable pressure levels are not very powerful, nor particularly useful. What I got instead, to my amazement, was a completely versatile unit that does everything that the Dinair table top mini compressor does, and has as much power, without the encumberment of cables and hoses, and keeping the same form factor of the first Dinair One model. Thanks to one single multi tasking button, this little powerhouse can produce anything from the softest PSI output to full flushing out mode, and anything in between. 

The functioning of the button being so articulated, I had to take a little time to get used to it, but after using the unit for a couple of full face makeups it became second nature. The unit basically operates in two modes: I will call them Variable Pressure and Pre Set Pressure modes. In the variable mode you can press the top edge or the bottom edge of the button to achieve any pressure output you wish and the air strength increases gradually and smoothly as if you were using a normal dial. In the Pre Set Pressure mode the compressor immediately jumps to the strongest output (flush out strength /cleaning mode) or to a medium preset that comparable to  the one produced by the first version of the Dinair One.To switch between the two aforementioned modes, all you have to do is press the same button for a couple of secongs. In the video posted below you can see a more detailed illustration of how the multi function button works. 

All of this versatility is packed in a form factor that, like I said, is almost identical to the previous version, maintaining for this unit the title of most ergonomic hand held compressor out there, and remarkably improving the game in terms of product overall durability. The battery of this new version of the Dinair One offers a performance comparable to the one of the first model. Of course changing the pressure often and using a stronger airflow has an impact on the battery duration, but don't forget that this unit also works when plugged in the mains, and having a long charging cord, it will allow you to continue using it with almost the same freedom as if it was cable free. 

To accompany the soft launch of the new Dinair One, a new Dinair airbrush model called DLX was selected. This replaced my much beloved JX2, which is still the only airbrush I never had to take apart and which still performs amazingly after over three years. The new DLX airbrush has a press-on nozzle, which makes it a lot easier to deep clean for novices and those who are not very technically inclined. 

DECEMBER 2023 UPDATE: The above mentioned DLX airbrush model was quickly followed by an updated version. The brand new "DLX Gold Tip" is made with even stronger materials than its predecessors in order to minimize maintenance and optimize performance. The DLX Gold Tip also features a press-on nozzle to facilitate deep cleaning, which becomes super easy and fast thanks to the custom designed Cleaning Caps System. I have used this new model for many different kind of makeup looks, from HD proof, undetectable skin correction to full theatrical glamour, and the airbrush has performed flawlessly throughout, maintaining its initial "brand new airbrush" smoothness, responsiveness and feel even after many uses. The spray pattern of the DLX Gold Tip is easily the finest I have experienced in an airbrush designed for makeup, making this the ultimate Dinair airbrush.

I have been using the new Dinair One for just over a year now, and in several projects and demos, the latest of which I am pasting below. During this time, and a keen observation of the airbrush market in general, I have not seen anything comparable being produced anywhere else. I cannnot help but use the word genius to describe George Lampman's incredible new design. I will close this by saying that for a Dinair airbrush makeup lover or professional there is only one thing better than having the new Dinair one, and that is... having two!

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