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Airbrush Makeup Hall of Fame: Interview with MHB creator Marc Harvey

When I first became interested in airbrush makeup, back in 2011, Marc Harvey was one of the first artists I found in my research. Marc was then spokesperson and lead educator for Luminess, a consumer oriented airbrush makeup brand that relied heavily, as it still does now, on televised infomercials for its promotion in the USA. While I didn’t purchase the product, I found Marc’s enthusiasm contagious and his lively presentations highly informational and entertaining. After his long stint with Luminess, Marc left to create and devise the makeup line for Elementwo, a brand created by airbrush manufacturers Sparmax which is popular in many Eastern  countries and available in the US and Europe as well. After this experience, Marc decided to create his own product line called Marc Harvey Beauty Ultra HD Airbrush Makeup. This achievement alone is credit enough to inscribe his name in our Airbrush Makeup Hall of Fame, a space that celebrates the creators and the most influential artists in this medium.  I was very happy to review his product line, and I am honoured and delighted to ask him a few questions on our favourite subject.

-What inspired you to become a makeup artist, and when did you decide that makeup was going to be your career? 

I have been an artist all my life. I paint, sketch and do graphic design. I decided to make makeup a career when I was 23.

-You started in airbrush makeup when the public at large was just beginning to become aware of it. How did you first become involved in airbrushing?

From my background in painting, I was very familiar with airbrushing. I started using airbrush with my brides and model agency clients. I would have to do 30 looks in one day, so the airbrush came in very handy.

-What made you choose airbrush makeup as the focus of the bulk of your career?

It really chose me. Luminess Air was looking for a Global Artist that had worked with all skintones and had a background in marketing as well. The goal was to help everyday women see that they could airbrush themselves and look like the celebrities and models I was working on at the time. 

-You’ve been instrumental in the promotion and/or creation of three major airbrush makeup brands: Luminess, Elementwo and now your very own MHB Cosmetics. What is the most memorable thing you learned from each of these experiences?

All three of them helped me to realize to always do what you love. At my core, I am a creator. Each brand I worked with or created helped me to hone my ability to understand what clients want and need from a product. My brand is ever evolving and is still a work in progress.

-What makes the MHB Airbrush formula different from all the others?

Versatility. My product is the only product that you can actually use a concealer under or over. You can use any powder over. You can build without it looking cakey. I also believe it gives the most natural coverage. You can also sheer it out with your favorite water based toner or my rosewater for a more light, zero makeup look.

-The MHB airbrush range at the moment offers an extensive foundation line plus more colors for blush and highlighters. Do you see an expansion of the line in the future to include more colors, perhaps a dedicated eyeshadow selection?

I will be adding more highlight/shimmer pigments spring of 2021. AND I’m doing a line specifically for POC launching for Holiday time. I will also do a pigment line that can be used for whatever the artist wants to use them for.

-MHB also includes several innovative skin care products. Would you tell us more about those, and the philosophy behind them?

I wanted to create products that I loved using and that over the years I would use to prep my clients skin before makeup application. I used every organic skincare product I could get my hands on in Sephora. I would try them on myself, then use them on my clients. I learned ingredients really well over the 13 years of me doing makeup, so I knew that when and if I ever created a skincare line, I would know what ingredients worked great. 3 years ago I pulled the trigger and created MySkincAir Organics. I launched 2 years ago and it is currently in Hilton Hotels and BodyBrite Spas around the country. The name MySkincAir (pronounced My Skincare) is exactly the feeling and philosophy behind the brand. I wanted everyone to feel a connection to the brand as I really took the time to make sure I educate clients on each product and its ingredients when you go online looking for a product for your particular skin issue. It is fragrance free, sulfate free, vegan, phthalate free and cruelty free, organic, skin loving ingredients that give your real results. Also, the “AIR” in skincare has a dual meaning. AIR , because the core product is the Oxygen Cleanser. Oxygen=Air. And, A.I.R is an acronym for Anti Inflammatory Response technology. Every product in the line targets inflammation by having a proprietary blend of natural anti inflammatory ingredients in them. Inflammation is the root of all ailments and issues in our body, including the skin.

-As an airbrush makeup ambassador and educator you have extensive experience in promoting the technique to the world at large. What is the best aspect of airbrushing in your opinion?

It will always be the ability to cover skin imperfections flawlessly and effortlessly. When you have a color science like the Marc Harvey Beauty EXCLUSIVE AIR line has, you literally feel like you are not even wearing makeup. It leaves your skin feeling light and looking perfect.

-What do you think is the greatest misconception that keeps more makeup artists and consumers from trying out airbrushing?

It’s hard to do. This is just a hurdle that will unfortunately always be there. Also, that it is the only product you have to use if you use it. Many don’t realize that it can actually just be another product in your beauty arsenal for you to use alone or in tandem with other complexion products.

-Having achieved so much in your career, what is the professional goal you look forward to? On a personal level, what is your ultimate dream?

My dream is to keep on going in the direction I'm going in with my brands. I’m not that great on social media because of debilitating anxiety that has gotten worse over the years. BUT, I am a warrior. I have fought through it my whole life since I was a child. My goal is to create more of a beauty education platform, free of drama, fake personas and “look at me I’m so rich and fabulous” BS. Just being myself and answering questions like I do for my clients when they book me. I want to become everyone’s favorite beauty guru for makeup and skincare on social media.

I wish to thank Marc for this opportunity to get to know him and his product better, and I look forward to meeting him in person one day in the not too distant future. 
In the meantime you can find Marc and his product line on Facebook and Instagram.

Airbrush Makeup by Marc Harvey

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