Wednesday, April 6, 2016

New Aribrush Makeup content coming soon!


Dear readers, 

we are very excited to be planning our return to reporting after a long hiatus due to international work contracts. Amazing experiences that have enriched us as writers and as beauty industry fanatics, but that have left us little time in the last few months to dedicate to new reviews and videos. 
This is all about to change now, but not before we come back from our next trip to the West Coast, where we will visit again with the top airbrush makeup brands and where we will gather even more material that will be used in the upcoming months for your enjoyment -and ours. 
There are many new products and tools to report on, so please come back to these pages soon, we are looking forward to being your guides again through the amazing world of Airbrush Makeup. 

...for real time updates, please don't forget our Facebook Page, our Instagram and Twitter accounts.  

Stay tuned...

Daniel, Stuart, Angela and the AirbrushMakeupGuru team!


  1. È uno dei trucchi che lascia a bocca aperta ,la precisione e il risultato sono formidabili

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